3rd Nordic Workshop

Educating health professionals for the new century – the importance of inter-sectorial work for better health

Nordic Workshop 13-14 June 2017
Hosted by Linköping University, Sweden

Nordic Workshop is 2017 arranged as a pre-conference to the 3rd international ProPEL conference

Program 13-14 June, 2017


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Interprofessionella scenarier som förändringsinstrument för framtidens hälso- och sjukvård

22 april 2016, 9.30-15.00

Plats: Linköpings universitet, Campus US

Anmälan: www.liu.se/medfak/ipl-workshop?l=sv

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Educating health professionals for tomorrow ́s global healthcare systems – the role of universities

Welcome to AF-borgen in Lund, October 16-17 2014!

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Meet award winning

Professor John Norcini

on October 16

Professor John Norcini is awarded

the 2014 Karolinska Institutet Prize

for Research in Medical Education

See press release>>

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NEWS      150105: Debate article published in Dagens Medicin. See articleicon-angle-double-right 
NEWS      140901: John Norcini is awarded the Karolinska Institutet Prize for Research in Medical Education. See press release  

About the workshop

Stefan Lindgren, Lunds Universitet

Stefan Lindgren, Lund University

Health professionals in the 21st century need professional, scientific and management skills. They must understand the complex interplays of factors affecting health in today ́s world and be able to contribute to the development of the knowledge society and medical research. In addition to provide care to the patients they meet, they need to be able to promote health through addressing the complex global interdependencies affecting health worldwide. They must be prepared for life-long learning and able to use modern technologies to reach learning outcomes.
Since focus in tomorrow ́s healthcare will be on systems performance, cooperation within health care teams and with other societal stakeholders will be fundamental. The planning of health service delivery must also include a system point of view, looking at the competencies required and not only at different professions. This workshop, organized in collaboration between Lund university and Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, with support from Kungliga Vetenskapsakademin (KVA) and Inter Academy Medical Panel (IAMP), therefore approaches all healthcare professions educations, to learn together. It is a follow-up of the Nobel Forum conference “Educating Health Professionals for the new century”.

The workshop will build on recent publications and documents and use short inspiration lectures from prominent speakers to introduce subjects for further thematic group discussions. The participants will be enrolled in preformed interprofessional groups to formulate action plans to guide the future development work at the participating universities. The students will have central roles as change agents throughout the workshop.

The main themes of the workshop are:

  • The core competencies of health care professionals with a particular emphasis on patient safety and team work
  • Human resources for health, including a systems perspective
  • Health in all policy, including aspects on knowledge mobility, learning environments and person centered care
  • The patients of the future, including the ageing population

Welcome to Lund in October 2014!
Please mark the dates in your calendars!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee

Stefan Lindgren
Professor, Lund University